Pretty jar of luxury natural bath salts made with essential oils  and flower petals to add to a relaxing bath.  Comes in four different blends, see below and a cute little wooden scoop.  


500g glass jar with aluminum lid.  All packaging recyclable according to local restrictions.


Epsom salts, Hymalayian pink salts, Organic coconut milk 97% (pure extract of coconut milk), Organic Maltodextrin 2.5% (derived from Tapioca) Organic Acacia Fibre 0.5%), mixed flower petals*, essential oil blend (see versions below).


Blend #1: Sweet Sleep - Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli.  May help aid restful sleep. (Pale pink with rose petals)
​Blend #2: Pick Me Up - Grapefruit, Petit Grain, Cedarwood.  May help act as a ‘Pick me up’. (Yellow with calendula petals).  Not suitable whilst pregnant.

Blend #3: Soothe Me - Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Black Pepper.  May help aid sore muscles and blocked sinuses. (blue cornflower petals) 

Blend #4:  Let It Go - Lavender, Bitter Orange, Rose. May help de-stress and keep calm. (Lilac with lavender buds)

Luxury Bath Salts