S A L T S  &  O I L S

Bath & Shower Oil

Available in three blends and three sizes:

Blend #1 - Sweet Sleep

Blend #2 - Pick Me Up

Blend #3 - Soothe Me

Blend #4 - Let It Go




Bath Salt Shots

Available in sets of two and includes a little cotton bag to use if you prefer not to put directly into water.

Blends #1 & 2

Blends #2 & 3

Blends #1 & 3

Blend #1 & 4

Bath Salt Jars

Available in 500g jars for those who bath more often!  Comes with little wooden scoop.  We offer a recycling scheme for those who buy, to refill at a reduced price.

Available in Jars or Refill Pack

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